Harm Man

by Charmaine's Names

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Halloween in Tijuana era C's N


released October 31, 2014




Charmaine's Names Los Angeles, California

Charmaine has been crooning for insatiable fans since 2009, never quite remembering the names of the band members, who don't really exist most of the time.
Described as "Inescapable!" Charmaine's Names tours North America as often as possible, and soon Europe, so check out the website for calendar updates under the link "Plan on it" Feel free to contact me with any requests/questions.
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Track Name: Reasonable Person
A few months was all I thought it'd take
To forget your face
But it's been years and I remember everything you said

You're such a reasonable person
You had such good things to say
You were so wise
You were much smarter than you looked

A few licks was all I thought I'd take
But give me a break
Cause it's been years and I remember just how you taste

You're such a delicious person
You smelt like vanilla
You made all the fellas turn into jella
When they'd smellya
Track Name: Lucifer
I wanted more than I could ever have
Not from Philadelphia or LA but New Jersey in a way

Who can say that they're from somewhere
Can they say just why they stayed
In love with eachother
Have they tried some of my sweet pie?

ohh, and I
I'd like to try being
With achievable goals
Who can rely on eachother
Who make a lot of money
And don't know what to do with or without it

I want somebody to tell me that I'm losing my mind and I didn't know just what I was doing

If I had complete control I would not be on this planet and I sure as hell would not be a man

When the dark
Doesn't know
What I'm doing
And my heart
Isn't closed
To the door

When the darkness doesn't like where I'm heading
But the smile on my lips isn't fading
And the smell of my ambition is faded
Then this might as well be my final resting place

I'm the one I'm the one true angel.
Track Name: Lonesome Susie
Lonesome Susie
Never got a break
She's always losing
So she sits and cries and shakes

It's hard just to watch her
And if I touch her
Oh, poor Susie
I'm wondering what to do

She just sits there
Hoping for a friend
Maybe I don't fit here
But I may have a friend to lend
Maybe I mistook her
But I can't overlook her
Must be someone
Who can pull her through

Anyone who's felt that way
Could tell me just what to say
Even If she just gets mad
She might be better
She might be better off that way

Well lonely understanding
I know your problems can't be that demanding
Oh baby see can you use me
Til you feel
Just a little bit stronger, baby

Just, just watching you
Has made me lonesome too
Why don't we get together?
What else can we do?